About Mike Roy

Reel Cast Charters is a Connecticut-based fishing guide service specializing in the waters of Long Island Sound and Block Island Sound. Our guide service is unique in the fact that we do much of our fishing in shallow water with light tackle. Reel Cast Charters has carved a niche in Northeast sport fishing, providing an experience to anglers like no other by doing most of our fishing under the cover of darkness for trophy-sized striped bass with spinning gear. There is no trolling, no deep water and no oversized conventional reels—our clients cast live eels and artificial lures tight to rocky shorelines where big fish hunt after dark. 

Captain Mike Roy is a Connecticut native who has been fishing the waters of New England his entire life. Captain Mike’s angling pursuits have also taken him across the country and internationally, fishing in fresh and saltwater for everything from largemouth bass to giant bluefin tuna. In addition to being an accomplished captain, he is an avid surfcaster and feels right at home plying rocky shorelines in a wetsuit. Captain Mike is an innovative angler, constantly applying new techniques to up his fishing game, and his enthusiasm and passion for the sport are contagious. Captain Mike is a United States Coast Guard OUPV Licensed Captain and graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with Bachelors’ and Masters’ Degree in Education.