About Jamie Jackson

Arthur Jackson or "Jamie" as most refer to him as first learned of lake Toho from a Bassmasters magazine in the 1970's, him and his dad would come down from Maryland every year and fish with Captain Ed Chancy or one of his guides. After years of coming down and fishing Toho Jamie was amazing at the idea of guiding and fishing for a living. At the age of 11 he made the decision that when he grew up he wanted to work for Ed. So at the age of 20 he was able to buy a boat and come down to Florida to start his dream. He began as a guide working for Ed while living out of a tent in Richardson's fish camp. After 6 years of guiding he became partners with Ed who became like a second father to him teaching him all he knew about fishing. After many years of running the business together Ed died of a heart attack while on the lake in 1998. Jamie continues to this day to run the business and guide on the lake.