About Jamie J

Our Key West Party Boat Fishing Charter is the longest running deep sea fishing charter in Key West, Florida, catching payloads of fish since 1947.


Affordable Key West Fishing
Great for Kids
Includes parking, bait & license ($5.00 rod rental)
Enclosed full service galley

The 58-foot Key West Party Boat Fishing Charter that’s inspected twice a year by the US Coast Guard, motors up to 60 passengers swiftly out to deep-sea fishing spots thanks to twin Detroit 8v92 turbo engines. Once anchored, the ship’s amenities—which range from men’s and women’s restrooms to a galley serving snacks—keep anglers comfortable between casts. Our friendly Captains and mates will assist first-time fisherman and even seasoned professionals make the most of their fishing experience. They'll even bait your hook!
The Key West Party Boat Fishing Charter gets the fish you want to put on your table! Of course you may keep your fish. Fishing cleaning is available for $.50 per fish. Not sure you know how to do it? Let our experienced crew show you every step of the way. Successful fishing starts with a knowledgeable crew.
We have the longest head boat trip on the island. Bottom fishing for snapper, grouper, mackerel and shark!

Imagine the lightning-like stripe down the side of a yellowtail snapper or the marbled, almost serpentine pattern on a black grouper. The waters off the Florida Keys teem with such visually stunning marine life, and the crews of Key West Party Boat Fishing Charter know how to catch them!

Call us and say "I want to go fishing in Key West!"

A FAQ page anticipates guests’ questions before heading out.

"We take a fishing trip on the Gulfstream every year we come down. It is a fun trip for the novice to experienced fisherwoman."

"One of our favorite memories in Key West. The Crew was superb and Captain Jamie was fun."

- Tiana F. -
“Captain & crew were knowledgable, fun and made sure we all had a great time.”

- Eileen B. -