About Fred Ferreira

Captain Freddie was born and raised on Martha’s Vineyard Island, located off the coast of Massachusetts.

Being born on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, Fred began Shell fishing and Hook and Line fishing as soon as he could walk.  Fred had a passion for fishing and catching Stripers, Blue Fish, Fluke, Bonito and Albacore Tuna along the shores and beaches of the Vineyard.

As he came into his teen years he began to fancy Offshore Fishing and catching White Marlin, Yellow fin Tuna, Swordfish, Maco and Thresher Sharks.

For the past 10 years Captain Freddie has been fishing both Offshore and Back Country in the Florida Keys year round.  When he discovered the Keys he sold everything and settled in Islamorada.  For the past 5 years Fred has fished primarily the Back Country.  Many of Captain Freddie’s customers are families. 

Given his background in Education, parents feel safe sending their children fishing with Fred while they have a “little husband and wife time” in the beautiful FL Keys.  Kids kind of like him too.  All in All; Fred is 54 years old, has 52 years fishing experience, 32 years of taking people fishing and more good times than he can remember

….by the way; nobody gets yelled at on Captain Freddie’s