About Capt. T Lange

I've been very fortunate to of been able to grow up on Cape Cod. From a very young age, I developed a passion, probably more accurately described as an obsession with fishing and the ocean. At age 6, I specifically remember a summer evening losing my first Striped Bass and running back to my parents house in tears.

From there on out, I spent every waking minute pursuing every type of fish Cape Cod had to offer. Whether it was exploring all of the estuaries and flats that Cape Cod has to offer, or hopping aboard a boat it all fascinated me. The amount of questions I asked must have made my mentors' ears melt. However, I'm incredibly thankful that they were patient with me and helped me throughout this journey, thus far.

Throughout high school and college I worked on a charter fishing boat out of Barnstable Harbor during the season. As each season ended, I have vivid memories of sitting in classes in the middle of the winter, day dreaming of epic mornings chasing Striped Bass and Bluefin. It still gets my heart pumping to think about those 'once in a lifetime' trips.

Upon graduating from college, I embarked on a career in Boston, while fishing as much as I could and working on boats when needed and time allowed. As time progressed, I found myself longing to be on the water and feeling like something was missing from me. With the time and experience under my belt, I then obtained my USCG 50 Ton Masters license.

Ultimately, what I want is for guests to be part of more than just a fishing trip. I want them to take home an unforgettable experience, where they were educated on the entire fishery, Cape Cod, etc. I want them to feel like they were part of the trip, not just a guest.