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About Capt. Bobby Earhart

We specialize in light tackle and fly fishing in the interior lakes and bays of  Southeast Louisiana. This area is commonly referred to as The Marsh. Our main targets are Big redfish and Mule Speckled Trout, but other species such as Black Drum, Sheepshead and even Large Mouth Bass can be caught on the same trip.   
​What we try to do is design a trip to match our clients  skill level. Not everyone is a world class fisherman. Even if you have never fished before you can still catch fish. Whether you like to sight fish or fly fish, if you like to fish top water or with spinner baits or if you prefer live bait we can design a trip for you.
​Fishing the interior marshes means no long boat rides and no rough water to deal with. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy your trip. Fishing inside waters doesn't mean you have to catch small fish. There are plenty of big fish available if you no where to look. That's when having a good guide pays off. Captain Bobby has been fishing the Marsh for almost fifty years, and has kept detail records of every trip (good and bad). No one understands the ebb and flow of the marsh better than he does. No matter which way the tide flows or how hard the wind blows he will put you on the fish !