About Benjie Stansky

When hiring a Outer Banks Charter boat Captain to take family and friends fishing you expect two main things. Above all you want safety and equipment reliability for you and your crew and secondly you want to catch fish!

So when you are looking for a Outer Banks Charter Boat Captain it is crucial that you find a Captain that has plenty of experience fishing the Outer Banks and its surrounding waters. You want a well oiled team that consists of a seasoned Captain that works well with his deck hands or first mate. Along with a captain that understands the needs of his customers.

Captain Benjie and Sea Note Charters is well known as one of the top North Carolina Charter Boats and captains operating in the North Carolina region. He has made this name for him self by his well documented and exceptional  sportfishing skills.

Captain Benjie Stansky has many years of experience fishing the North Carolina fishing region and is licensed by the United States Coast Guard and is fully insured. You will find Capt Benji and his crew fishing some of the worlds prestigious tuna and billfish fishing tournaments such as the White Marlin Open and the Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament