Pricing your Charter



The rates you decide are completely up to you. To get an idea of market prices in your area, search for a trip comparable to yours.  

Manage rates in your pricing settings.

  • You can set half day, 3/4 day, and full day rates.  These hours can be adjusted to custom lengths.

  • Include how much you anticipate it will cost to cover extra expenses, there is also an option to add additional fees for cleaning and filleting fish, etc.

  • Additional charges and fees (like service fees, license fee, resort fees, etc), can also be added.  You can add these fees and select if you would like this to be charged per person, per hour, or per trip. You may also select which additional charges and fees are subject to taxes. Open Angler is not responsible for the collection of fees not incorporated into your pricing.

Note - You may adjust the price of a trip after it is completed if you need to account for any last minute changes. For example, you and your customer agreed to extend the trip by an hour for an additional charge. Indicate the adjustment during the final checkout process. Your customer will have an opportunity to review the adjustment, and unless they file a dispute, the new price will be charged to the payment method on file.


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