For Trip Providers

Book More Trips Online -- Completely Free!

Open Angler enables guides and charter operators to accept reservations anywhere, any time, instantly.


Get More Business | Reserve from your Web Site or Ours | Collect Advance Payment | Right from your Phone  


How It Works

1) Create your custom profile and listings or just ask us and we'll do it for you

Open Angler lets you create your own profile.  You can tell customers about you and list the trips you have available.  You can create as many listings as you want and edit and delete them as needed.  


2) Users are able to review profiles and submit trip requests.

All trips will be submitted through Open Angler as a request only, and will require your confirmation to be accepted. Based on your preference, the request will be sent to you via email or text message. You may enable the "Instant Book" feature on your Calendar to accept trips automatically.  


3) There are no fees for our service -- we are completely FREE to you -- and offer 2.5% credit card processing.

Manage all your trips through Open Angler. Customers pay a convenience fee so you don't have to. You can accept bookings, manage your account, create listings and run credit cards at a low industry rate of 2.5%. Also, if you would like the ability to accept bookings via your web page or Facebook account, you can do so with ease. Just contact us, we're happy to help walk you through this.  

With Open Angler customers can book with you online at no cost to you, with the option to:

  • Book through Open Angler
  • Book through your website
  • Book through your Facebook page

No need to ask customers for their evening phone number and make them wait for a call back -- direct them right to your booking page where they submit their trip request and make payment instantly. Need the option to collect deposit? No problem! You choose whether we collect either the full payment or a deposit upfront, and allow you to choose between a flexible, moderate, or strict cancellation policy- then we enforce it for you! 


4) Your calendar will display upcoming trips, and trips awaiting your approval.

Visit your calendar to accept or decline trips, view upcoming trips, and chose dates for Instant Book and close out dates you're unavailable. All the information you need will be right here for you to access at any time. Your calendar is only visible to you - customers request to book a trip with you on their desired date, and also provide alternate dates of availability.


5) We'll pay you when the trip is complete.

When a trip is complete you will receive an email to confirm the trip details. If a customer extended their trip, arrived with more people, or there are any changes due to weather or other unforeseen needs, we'll ask you to enter the adjustment needed and get you paid accordingly. Payment is distributed within 24 hours via the payout preference you selected in your account settings. Open Angler can make payment to you via direct deposit, credit or debit card.