Deposits vs. Full Payment

When you create a listing, you have the option to collect either a deposit or full payment. With either option, Open Angler holds payment until 24 hours after the completion of the trip, at which time it is transferred to you via your chosen payout method. In the event of a cancellation, Open Angler will enforce your cancellation policy. If the cancelation has occured outside the accepted time frame of your policy, you will receive the amount of the deposit if you chose to collect a deposit, or the amount of the full payment if you chose that option. All payouts are processed at Open Angler's 2.9% credit card processing fee. 

The deposit is a percentage of the trip total. You may set the percentage yourself, but it must be at least 25% of the trip total. The deposit amount is calculated automatically based on the percentage you choose, and displayed to the customer at the time of checkout including taxes and fees. The outstanding balance is collected after the trip is completed using the same payment method provided for the deposit. If you do not choose to charge a deposit, the customer pays the full amount of the trip upfront, including taxes and fees. 

Learn More: Cancellation Policies

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