Change or Cancel Confirmed Reservations


Customers and Providers:

Please discuss alterations with your trip provider or customer before submitting an alteration request to make sure you're both in agreement. In all cases, your reservation is subject to the cancellation policy under which it was booked. Either the guide or customer may make non-material changes to an upcoming reservation.  Once a change is entered by either party, the alternate party must confirm the change before it will be applied to the reservation. 


To Submit a Material Change to a Reservation

  1. If changing material details such as number of people, trip type, or length of trip.  The reservation will need to be canceled and re-submitted. Changes are subject to the calendar availability and terms of the listing.

To Change the Date of a Reservation:

  1. If you're a customer, go to your Dashboard and look for Upcoming Trips > Click on the trip that you wish to change > Send Message > Let the captain know what you would like to change.
  2. If you're a provider, go to your Dashboard or your calendar > Click on the trip that you wish to change > Adjust Reservation > Choose Adjustment > Reschedule and Submit
  3. Customer will be notified automatically of the change in date via email. If there is an issue, your customer may contact either your or Open Angler Customer Support to resolve


Guide Cancellation:

Open Angler observes a 1-strike policy for its guides. Guides are permitted 1 cancellation on a confirmed reservation per year.  Should a guide cancel a confirmed reservation without advance communication or receive 3 granted refund requests for misrepresentation or failure to show for a confirmed reservation, the guide will be removed from the Open Angler network and will be prohibited from listing on the network for a period of one year.  

Learn more: Guide Cancellation and Misrepresentation


Pricing when Changes Occur:

The trip total is a price inclusive of the listing's rate, additional services fees, and Open Angler service fees, which are adjusted automatically according to the new reservation subtotal.


The price is calculated from the listing's pricing settings at the time of the alteration, not the pricing settings from the time the reservation was booked. Providers may adjust the subtotal when making an alteration request to make sure the pricing is correct.


  • On the day of the trip, the provider and the customer decide to stay out an extra hour for an additional fee. Upon return, the provider adjusts the price of the trip to include the additional fee, which is automatically charged to the payment form on file unless a dispute is filed.
  • Due to weather, the guide is altering trip type of a reservation from offshore to inshore and the new reservation is for the same day; the guest sees an option to accept or decline the alteration. If accepted, the cancellation policy will remain as booked.



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