Calendar and Upcoming Trips


Trip providers can view and manage their calendar availability anytime, anywhere. Your calendar is visible only to you.

To edit or manage your calendar, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select “Calendar” from the drop down menu.

Use the right and left arrows to select the month you would like to view. Click the day to select the date you would like to edit. A dialogue box will open allowing you to adjust your availability.  Remember, each date is already automatically set as ‘Request to Book’ availability. You may select 'Available for Instant Booking' or 'Unavailable' to open or close days accordingly, or just cancel to remain in ‘Request to Book’ status.  Past or unavailable dates will be grayed out to restrict booking capabilities.


Multiple Trips

Open Angler is set-up to accept more than one trip per day, giving you the power to control your reservations completely. If you have agreed to accept instant bookings on a particular date, Open Angler will instantly accept only 1 (one) booking on that date. Subsequent attempts to book that date will require your approval.

BEFORE accepting a trip, always check your calendar to ensure you are not double booking yourself. Open Angler is not responsible for trips confirmed by you or booked on your calendar when 'instant bookings' have been activated and on dates which have not been closed out.


Syncing your Calendars

You have the ability to sync your Open Angler calendar to an existing iCal or Google Calendar if you so desire. To do so, from your Open Angler Calendar view, click on the reservation that you would like to sync. The details of the trip will appear in a new screen with an option to add to an existing calendar (look for the calendar icons in the bottom left-hand corner of the trip details block).


Upcoming Trips

Upcoming trips can be viewed on your Dashboard, Calendar, and in your Trip Reports tab.  To view or make changes to upcoming trips, select the trip from one of these three areas.

Your trips will be listed by date.  To view the details of an upcoming trip, select the trip you would like to review.  Each trip will display the listing selected, guest name and contact information, travel date, trip details and the status of the reservation.  


Learn More: Changing or Cancelling Confirmed Reservations.



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