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Forget Fantasy Football, Team up with Open Angler for Fantasy Freshwater Fishing!

  Football may get all the glory in the fall season, but we think freshwater fishing is a close second - even though we’re admittedly a little biased.   Autumn is a great time of year for anglers to reel in freshwater fish, such as bass, in epic quantities. Don’t be caught on the sidelines, when the leaves begin to change, take note of these tips and tricks before you hit the water.   Read More

Three Easy-to-Pack Snacks For Fishing Trips

Being out on the open water all day is both rewarding and exhausting, especially when you are reeling in the big ones with Open Angler! To combat fishing fatigue, we’re sharing our favorite recipes to help cool you down.   1. Bite Size Frozen Yogurt Covered Grapes These  are a great snack for being out the boat all day. They are quick and easy to make. Plus, cool treats are great for those hot boating days you’ve been having so far this summer. Read More

6 Worthwhile Tips For Fishing In The Heat

  Grab your rods and reels, it’s time to go fishing. As you know, it is H.O.T. this summer, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying the great outdoors! Keep reading for some tips and tricks to beat the heat while you are out soaking up the sun during your fishing charter. 1.   Drink Water Drinking water is the most important way to stay hydrated. Drink plenty before you even step on the boat to prepare for a day in the heat, and as much water throughout the day. A dehydrated angler is no fun for anyone.   Read More

Open Angler Frequently Asked Questions.

Image via Fish Hunter Charters Is it your first time booking a charter? If it is we bet you’ve got a lot of questions. Luckily we are here to help.   What should I bring?   Read More

3 Reasons To Book a Fishing Charter This Summer

  As the temperatures rise across the country, we bet you're ready to hit the water with your fishing poles! With Open Angler, you can easily book your next fishing trip across the United States.    Fishing is an amazing way to make memories. You shouldn't need a reason to hop on a boat and enjoy the sunshine, but we'll give you 3 anyway ;)   1. Make Memories with the Family Read More

Spicy Chili Garlic Grilled Trout Recipe

Are you in need of a new fresh fish recipe to try? We’ve got you covered. If you or your family love trout and love something a little bit spicy too than this is the next recipe you need to try. It’s a delicious spicy chili garlic grilled trout that is extremely easy to make. What you’ll need: •                3 pounds trout fillet •                1½ tablespoons olive oil •                3-4 garlic cloves, minced Read More

Take Advantage of These Awesome Fishing Charter Discounts in Florida

Vacationing in Florida this summer? Don't have a "must-do" on your itinerary for your trip? Let us help you. Open Angler is currently offering several amazing discounts on our inshore and offshore fishing charters throughout Florida. Whether you're an expert angler or simply looking to spend a few exciting hours on the water, we've got the perfect excursion for you! Florida Coast Discount The Florida Coast is one of the best fishing destinations in the country. Save $25 off your next trip!   Read More

Visit These Best Fishing Spots in South Carolina

  As temperatures begin to heat up in the Palmetto State, we’re excited to dust off the ole fishing pole and head to our favorite spots throughout the state. There's no denying that South Carolina is a premier state for fishing, especially the wildly popular Redfish around the coastal areas. This is why we want to share our favorite spots so you can enjoy the outdoors as much as we do. We hear the water calling your name at these top 5 spots.     Edisto Beach State Park   Read More

Open Angler Featured in The Post & Courier

If you picked up the March 14th, 2016 copy of The Post & Courier in Charleston, SC you'd see Open Angler's CEO and visionary, Alicia Aloe on the cover of the "Inside Business" section. Open Angler is a fishing-trip booking platform for both anglers and fishing-trip guides that Aloe cofounded with the company’s chief technology officer, Eddie Eddenfield. Read More