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What's on our plate this month: Salmon

Ask anyone who's been fishing lately from California up the west coast to the Columbia River in Washington and Oregon, over to Lake Michigan, and even South Dakota! - at the moment, Salmon fishing is HOT. Chart topping King Salmon are making easy runs towards spawning grounds, and just about anyone with sturdy line is bound to get a tug. With that in mind, we've rounded up some of our favorite salmon recipes for you to try this season, plus some tips for picking out your fillet. Read More

Top Fishing Destinations for Fall

Make no mistake about it: Fall is for Fishing. Sure, you may prefer another season for the particular type of bounty it produces. But there's something about autumn that holds a special place in an angler's heart. We'll chalk it up to that certain time of day when the light turns the sky gold, or to the first morning that you wake up and the humidity has been zapped out of the air, replaced with a cool, gentle breeze. There are a hundred reasons to adore fall, but only a few destinations made our Top 4 list for fishing this year. See if you agree. Read More

The Life Cycle of a Trip Request

Now that you've accepted a booking request from, here's what happens next: Once you accept a request, the customer has up to 48 hours prior to the departure date to enter payment and confirm the booking. If no payment is received at that time, the trip request will automatically expire. As the trip provider, however, you have the ability to cancel a booking which is still pending payment from the customer at any time. This allows you to accept and confirm trip requests from other customers and avoid double-booking. Read More

Search, Click, Fish: How to Use "Instant Book" to Reel in More Customers

Let's face it: we're living in the era of "insta". Attention spans are short, gratification comes NOW, and waiting is time and time is money.  And though as an angler your business is built upon a grand tradition of waiting (unless someone has invented an app that gets fish to bite faster), that doesn't mean you can ignore the public's demand for immediacy. Our solution? Instant Book. Here's the why and how to set yourself up for success. Read More

Top Ways to Generate Repeat Business for Fishing Guides

At Open Angler, our main goal is to get more people on the water and taking trips with professional guides. To do that, we make booking online easy. But how do you keep your customers coming back? Imagine if every customer booked with you just one more time this year. You’d double your business! Here are the best tips for increasing customer loyalty.   Keep Track of Your Customers Read More

The Review is In!

Great news: Customers now have the ability to leave reviews for anything booked on Open Angler.  Reviews build trust among consumers, and increase your likelihood of receiving a booking. You will always have the opportunity to leave a response for a review, which is visible to the public. All members throughout the community rely on honest reviews when they make their plans, and we encourage you to respond to each one so you can build a rapport with your clients. Read More

Spring's Bounty - What to do NOW so you can relax LATER

The early bird catches the worm, who then catches the fish. Be the bird.   It’s time to stop dreaming about all of your fishing adventures for this coming spring, and get to work. Depending on where you’re going, resources can be limited and you can bet that the best guides around are already starting to fill their calendars with upcoming trips.   Read More

Winter's Coming

While we realize that in many parts of the world the fish are still jumpin', we thought we'd take a moment to acknowledge the topic of winterization. Though it saddens us to think of all the thousands and thousands of boats being tucked away into dry stacks, pulled into garages or even just parked in driveways and covered with a tarp, with a nod to our friends across the pond we keep a stiff upper lip, and tackle the challenge of properly winterizing our prized posessions. We'll be glad of it come spring, and so will you. As the process can be a little daunting, we're going to break it up into manageable steps. Each week, we will update the blog with a few instructions until we've completed everything from stern to bow.  Step 1. Check the Owner's Manual Read More

Holiday Recipes Inspired by the Sea

OYSTER STUFFING If you live in a state where you have access to great oysters, give this New-England style stuffing recipe a whirl. Friends and family will be impressed, and you just might find yourself with a new favorite tradition. Recipe by Helen Rosner for Saveur Read More

Is Your Boat in Top Notch Shape? A Checklist

  This Summer was a fantastic one for the folks here at Open Angler, and we hope it was just as successful for all of our guides and anglers. In fact, you might have had such a good summer that you forgot to check your routine maintenance steps to ensure your watercraft runs in its top performance all year long.   Read More