Is Your Boat in Top Notch Shape? A Checklist


boat maintenence checklist

This Summer was a fantastic one for the folks here at Open Angler, and we hope it was just as successful for all of our guides and anglers. In fact, you might have had such a good summer that you forgot to check your routine maintenance steps to ensure your watercraft runs in its top performance all year long.


✓ Tune up your engine. After about 100 hours of use, be sure to change out your water pump, spark plugs, and engine oil. Just like your car, boats need regular oil changes. Your frequency depends on usage, but a good rule of thumb is always every 100 hours or once per year.


✓ Do a thorough inspection for saltwater corrosion or damage around the inside, outside, and mechanical machinery such as the propeller.


✓ Thoroughly inspect your boat hull for cracks and check that your drain plugs are securely in place. For an added player of peace of mind, purchase a set of extra drain plugs and store them in a safe spot on your watercraft.


✓ Having a working connection for your GPS and radio is imperative to your safety on the water. Connections and wires can corrode very easily, be cautious of corrosion and change your fishing electronics and boat safety equipment when you notice irreparable damage.


✓ In addition to inspecting watercraft machine issues, it’s important to also examine your life jackets and personal floating devices for wear and tear or abrasion. Make sure buckles work properly and straps and seams are not worn or ripped.


✓ Last but certainly not least, give your boat a good scrub down.  If you operate in saltwater, wash your boat rigorously with freshwater after every outing to remove salt residue.


Being a responsible boat owner means making maintenance a priority before, during, and after boating season. Once you’ve crossed each item off your list, go ahead -launch - and have time time of your life!


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