Winter's Coming

While we realize that in many parts of the world the fish are still jumpin', we thought we'd take a moment to acknowledge the topic of winterization. Though it saddens us to think of all the thousands and thousands of boats being tucked away into dry stacks, pulled into garages or even just parked in driveways and covered with a tarp, with a nod to our friends across the pond we keep a stiff upper lip, and tackle the challenge of properly winterizing our prized posessions. We'll be glad of it come spring, and so will you.

As the process can be a little daunting, we're going to break it up into manageable steps. Each week, we will update the blog with a few instructions until we've completed everything from stern to bow. 

Step 1. Check the Owner's Manual

- This seems obvious, but your owner's manual is the best place to begin. If you've misplaced yours, a quick google search will often produce a PDF for your make year and model.

Step 2. The Engines & Fuel Checklist


- Change the oil and check for leaks

- Flush with antifreeze

- Change the transmission fluid

- Spray cylinders and wipe down engines with fogging oil


- Treat fuel with fuel stabilizer

- Flush engine with fresh water

- Spray fogging solution in the intakes 

- Remove the fuel line and spray fogging solution until engine dies to prevent build-up of deposits and evaporated fuel

- Grease water propeller shaft and threads

- Change gear oil in lower unit

- Polish the exterior with wax

- Wash down with soap and water and rinse thoroughly


- Change the filters and water seperators

- Some manufacturers suggest filling your fuel tanks and adding stabilizer to the fuel. Full tanks leave less room for condensation to form.

- Other manufacturers, noting that ethanol may spoil over the winter no matter what you do to it, suggest just adding fuel stabilizer. If the fuel is is spoiled over the winter, there is less to drain and dispose of. The choice is yours!

Tune in next week for Steps 3 & 4: Bilges and Stern Drives! In the meantime we're looking at your, Florida, for some warm weather charters!

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