Top Ways to Generate Repeat Business for Fishing Guides

At Open Angler, our main goal is to get more people on the water and taking trips with professional guides. To do that, we make booking online easy.

But how do you keep your customers coming back?

Imagine if every customer booked with you just one more time this year. You’d double your business! Here are the best tips for increasing customer loyalty.


Keep Track of Your Customers

  • Set calendar reminders to email your customers 6 months after the date of their trip
  • Remind your customer of their great fishing and invite them to book with you again
  • Keep track of your customers on Open Angler.  You can always see your customers and their information using the Guest Book feature available on your Open Angler dashboard


Reward Referrals

  • There’s nothing quite like a word-of-mouth referral; it’s the highest compliment!
  • Be sure to acknowledge the person who sent you the referral and offer a token of thanks
  • This can be in the form of a discount on future trips or a freebie the next time they’re out with you


A Photo Worth a Thousand... Dollars

  • Make sure a camera is part of your boat’s provision list, even if it’s just your phone
  • Always snap a great photo during your trip, and post it to your social media accounts like Facebook as soon as possible
  • Tag your customer, who will feel like a celebrity and share with friends!
  • Link your Facebook page directly to your listing to make it easy for people to book with you (See: How to Link your Account to Facebook)


Keep Content Fresh

  • Former customers will often do a quick google search to find your contact info again
  • Make sure your listings, website, and social accounts are up to date and accurate
  • Anything that looks like it hasn’t been updated recently makes it seem like you’re out of business or not as polished as those who have recent activity on display
  • Keep in touch throughout the year with an email campaign to past customers to create top of the mind awareness


With these tips, you're prepared to keep your customers coming back time and time again. 

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