Top Fishing Destinations for Fall

Make no mistake about it: Fall is for Fishing.

Sure, you may prefer another season for the particular type of bounty it produces. But there's something about autumn that holds a special place in an angler's heart. We'll chalk it up to that certain time of day when the light turns the sky gold, or to the first morning that you wake up and the humidity has been zapped out of the air, replaced with a cool, gentle breeze. There are a hundred reasons to adore fall, but only a few destinations made our Top 4 list for fishing this year. See if you agree.

1. Montauk

We describe this season as short 'n sweet. September through October, anglers rush to Montauk to get their hands on Bass, Bass, and more Bass. Throw in some Bluefish, False Albacore, and Fluke, and you've got yourself a fall fishing frenzy. Did we mention the Bass? Bonus: there's always a chance you'll rub elbows with a Jolie, Paltrow or Swift while you're there.


2. Flordia Keys

It's hard to leave the Keys off the list, even as the entire nation watches Hurricane Irma wreak havoc on Florida, Puerto Rico, Barbuda and beyond. If you manage to find yourself in the Keys when the weather is fair, you'll be treated to a dazzling array of options. Flats lovers enjoy Tarpon by the ton, Permit, and Bonefish while your backcountry charters afford Trout, Shark, and Barracuda. Stick around through the end of the season for abundant Mutton Snapper and Grouper in the reefs.


3. Telluride

For our Fly enthusiasts, look no further than Telluride. The San Miguel and Dolores Rivers are what fly dreams are made of. There's literally no bad time of day to fish: it's all good. Just avoid the crowds if possible, stick to deeper, slower water, and bring your favorite rod. Trout: it's what's for dinner (and possibly breakfast and lunch, if you're game).


4. Venice, LA

What's better than one season of Redfish? How about two! Some of the heaftiest Bull Red Drum you'll ever find come out of these waters, on the west bank of the Mississippi River. This tiny, unincorporated community may sound imposing (locals refer to it as "The end of the world" as it's the last point down the Mississippi accessible by automobile) do not let that deter you from taking advantage of the fishing and weather in this lowkey angler's paradise.



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