Search, Click, Fish: How to Use "Instant Book" to Reel in More Customers

Let's face it: we're living in the era of "insta". Attention spans are short, gratification comes NOW, and waiting is time and time is money. 

And though as an angler your business is built upon a grand tradition of waiting (unless someone has invented an app that gets fish to bite faster), that doesn't mean you can ignore the public's demand for immediacy. Our solution? Instant Book.

Here's the why and how to set yourself up for success.

1. Accept bookings even when you're away from your computer or phone

- Creating Instant Book dates eliminates the need for you to respond to each individual request you receive

- Bookings are accepted instantly; you receive notification via email and text, and the trip will also appear on your calendar

- As always, you will be provided with your customer's contact information to confirm departure details


2. Save time for customers who want to book with you

- No one likes to wait; customers appreciate knowing that their booking is completed and paid for

- Instant Book listings are more popular with customers 

- Your customer will receive your contact information upon booking so they can discuss any pertinent details with you before their trip

3. Gain access to Open Angler's network of hotel concierge

- We work hard to engage hotels and other booking partners in your city

- Our Concierge Program rewards hotels for booking trips for their guests through our site

- Concierge and other hotel associates are instructed to search for trip providers using the "Instant Book Availability" filter to make it easy to use our site - don't get left behind!



1. Go to your Calendar

2. Click on the " + " sign in the upper left-hand corner for a date that you want to make available for Instant Book

3. "Available for Instant Book" will already be selected; press Submit and continue on to other dates*

To keep a date in "Request to Book" status, simply close the window without submitting changes. To edit or undo changes, click on the status box in the middle of the date, and edit or delete accordingly.

*All dates are automatically set to "Request to Book" status. You can choose "Unavailable" from the dropdown menu, however doing so will hide your listing from search results on that date. For this reason, we reccommend leaving dates open even when you know you're unavailable because you always have the option to refer a trip request to another guide and earn a referral fee. Additionally, customers are always asked to provide additional dates of availability in case their first choice is taken, so it's better business sense to remain in either "Instant Book" or "Request to Book" status. 

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