The Review is In!

Great news: Customers now have the ability to leave reviews for anything booked on Open Angler.  Reviews build trust among consumers, and increase your likelihood of receiving a booking.

You will always have the opportunity to leave a response for a review, which is visible to the public. All members throughout the community rely on honest reviews when they make their plans, and we encourage you to respond to each one so you can build a rapport with your clients.

As a business owner providing a service, it's important to understand what compels someone to leave a review. By identifying a person's motivation, you can begin to anticipate a few key factors that may help solicit a positive review. Below are the different types of reviewers, and how you might benefit from their actions.


1. The "Responsible Consumer"

Some people feel it is their obligation as a consumer to inform other potential consumers about the quality of a product. The Responsible Consumer themself relies on real feedback from actual customers before making a purchase, and is dedicated to doing their part as well.

What can you do? Every time an Open Angler customer completes a trip, they receive an email prompt to leave a review. You can get ahead by asking your customer for verbal feedback before you part ways. Simply stating, "I always appreciate helpful feedback: it's very valuable to both me and future customers" will show the Responsible Consumer that you value their opinion and recognize their importance as someone who can help grow your business.


2. The "Rewarder"

When you've completed a job well done, ideally it's sufficient to say your work will speak for itself. However, there are some customers who are so used to being rewarded, that they expect something in return for their efforts.

Don't begrudge the Rewarder - it's simply a side-effect of living during an age of instant gratification. Instead, acknowledge that they went above and beyond what was required of them as your customer, and offer a small token of thanks. This can be in the form of a public, hand-written or private message of gratitude, a discount on a future trip, or perhaps some "swag" from a trusted brand like a bottle opener or special fly. It won't cost you much, and could lead to more business down the line.


3. The "Complainer"

Let's face it: not every review is going to be a 5-star one. The good news? People are naturally skeptical of perfect scores; no one is flawless, after all! Think about the time you yourself have used customer reviews when making a decision about buying a service or product. Let's say you're looking at buying a new lure kit. The one you like has five reviews. Four of those reviews give the kit 5 stars, and one gives it 4 stars. Which review are you going to read first?

Probably the 4-star, because you want to know what someone DIDN'T like about this product, and can see if that person's negative would also be a negative for you.

Harness the power of the "Complainer" by immediately responding to them and addressing their concerns in a professional and direct manner. Validate that their opinion is important to you, accept fault when necessary, and offer clear, actionable solutions to their issues. This will show potential future customers that you are reasonable and responsive, only helping build trust in your brand.


Remember to share the best reviews you receive with your fans via social media or through newsletters, et cetera! Afterall, you earned it.

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