Planning your next fishing trip? Spring for Oregon!

Fishing in Oregon offers a little something for everyone.

Depending on your location and time of year, you're likely to catch a variety of fish in Oregon between the many rivers, tributaries and coastlines therein. Here we'll discuss spring fishing in Oregon, as it is just around the corner, though the dates are still TBA. Plan for the last week of March and first week of April for spring Chinook fishing, and the later weeks of April for bottom fishing. Be sure to act soon because these trips book up quickly.

Spring Chinook Runs

As Capt. Jeff Keightley so aptly describes it, "If fishing were the lottery, then spring Chinook is the megabucks!"

When you're fishing Chinook (King Salmon) with an expert guide, you can expect to catch 20-30 fish a day. To many anglers, these trophy salmon are the best eating in the world. In the beginning of the season, this prized fish can sell for up to $55 per pound, and still remains high at around $30 per pound towards the end of the season. 

Chinook is similar to other members of the Pacific salmon family in appearance. Look for a silvery body with spots all over including the head, tail fin, back and sides. Not be be confused with Coho who have white gums and a black mouth, Chinook have a black mouth and black gums.

We're lucky in the United States because there are few places where you can find Chinook salmon. Chinook are native to the Pacific, and the lower Columbia River in Oregon is truly the best place to fish for Chinook in the world. 

Oregon Bottom Fishing

If you can't make it out for Chinook runs or are planning a trip a little later, your best bet for spring fishing in Oregon is late April when the bottom-fishing is top rate. These trips are fast-action, short and sweet. You'll most likely catch Seabass (Brown fish), Lingcod, and Kelp Greenling - all plentiful. Stick to the coastal listings when searching for your perfect charter. 

With generous keep allowances, you'll be eating well and have enough to share. This fishing is not for those who enjoy a leisurely day on the water. A great choice for any of our Bass anglers, bottom fish charters will keep you on your toes for one to two hours of nonstop action. Because these trips are short and very successful, they're a fun and inexpensive way to spend a day on the water with a friend or two.

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