The Life Cycle of a Trip Request

Now that you've accepted a booking request from, here's what happens next:

Once you accept a request, the customer has up to 48 hours prior to the departure date to enter payment and confirm the booking. If no payment is received at that time, the trip request will automatically expire. As the trip provider, however, you have the ability to cancel a booking which is still pending payment from the customer at any time. This allows you to accept and confirm trip requests from other customers and avoid double-booking.

When the customer submits payment, the trip is automatically confirmed. At this time, you receive each other's contact information so you can discuss further details such as pick-up location, expectations, weather policies, and so on.

Remember: Open Angler helps keep you organized by automatically sending trip reminders and details to both you and your customer before, during, and after the booking process.

Get Paid

On the day of your trip, you will be emailed a reminder to checkout in order to receive your payout. When you come in off the water, you will follow the link from that email to complete checkout, and have an opportunity to make adjustments to the final price if necessary, in the event of any on-the-fly changes.

To receive your payout, you will need to ensure that your account is verified and that payouts are enabled. From the time you check out and request your payout, it typically takes 24-48 hours for the funds to appear in your account.

You can also manage all of your trips and respond to requests directly from your Dashboard when you're logged into your account.

That's it! Your customer will be emailed a final copy of their receipt, and asked to leave a review for your listing on 

Tip: It's nice to receive a personal "Thank You" from you, the trip provider, as well. You can always access customer information from your Guest Book anytime, and send a note of thanks or invite them back to book with you again in the future!


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