Forget Fantasy Football, Team up with Open Angler for Fantasy Freshwater Fishing!


Football may get all the glory in the fall season, but we think freshwater fishing is a close second - even though we’re admittedly a little biased.


Autumn is a great time of year for anglers to reel in freshwater fish, such as bass, in epic quantities. Don’t be caught on the sidelines, when the leaves begin to change, take note of these tips and tricks before you hit the water.


Many species, such as Trout, know they’ll need extra sustenance during the cold months to survive, so they will be surfacing to catch bigger bugs by the mouthful. Our best recommendation for bait is using a Hopper in quiet, open water and Stoneflies around rocky areas.


Search for cover that fish, such as bass, gravitate towards - this includes algae and green weeds floating toward the top of the water. This “comfort zone” offers both bait fish (perch) and target fish much-needed oxygen. Can’t find the green weeds? Large rocks and boulders offer a suitable alternative.


*Remember, bass school up in the fall to feed for winter; once you’ve caught one, don’t move on… stay awhile and you’re sure to catch many more.


Bass and Walleye change their feeding patterns once the air begins to crisp, and mimicking the bait fish that they’re searching for is one of the most overlooked steps. Once you know the type of baitfish your target is on the move for, imitate the same color, reflectivity, and size with your artificial bait. You’ll have the best strokes of luck near feeder creeks and shallow spots where the water is a little warmer.


Shallow crankbaits work in just about any autumnal conditions, but darker days with a some wind make for near-perfect weather. This is when fish are more aggressive, and less cautious about being potential prey. If they’re not snapping after an hour, it’s safe to bet that there are simply no fish around you.


Freshwater fish behavior will definitely vary from lake to lake, but these tips will help any beginner find their bearings this season! If you want a professional guide to show you the ropes, search and book a fishing charter across the United States at


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