5 Ways to Stay Booked All Year Round

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Daylight Saving: whether you love it or leave it, here at Open Angler HQ, we're taking advantage of the extra hour and reviewing listings on our site, and making sure it's easy for our customers to book trips year-round.


If you find yourself with an extra hour, login to your account and take advantage of these tips to help keep your books full even as the season changes.


1. Ensure your pricing is up-to-date.


If you offer different prices for the same trip based on seasonality, try creating multiple listings with seasonally appropriate pricing and titles. For example:


> Listing A Title: "Winter (Nov thru Feb) Inshore Trip" with corresponding pricing

> Listing B Title: "Spring (Mar thru May) Inshore Trip" with corresponding pricing


This way, customers can book you now OR plan a future trip, and you'll receive your appropriate payout. To view and edit your current listings, visit the Listings tab from your dashboard.


2. Update your calendar with Instant Book dates. Customers can filter search results by providers with Instant Book availability, which eliminates the wait time between requesting and booking.


To set a date to Instant Book, from your dashboard, navigate to Calendar from the horizontal menu. Click on the + sign in the upper left-hand corner of the date you want to edit. From the dropdown menu, select “Available for Instant Booking,” then submit.


Remember: all of your dates are automatically set to “Request to Book.” To revert an Instant Book date back to “Request,” click on the blue striped box in the middle of the date and “Delete”. You may also set the status to “Unavailable.”


If a customer books your Instant Book date, the calendar will automatically switch that date back to Request to Book for any future requests. This way, you can accept and manage multiple bookings for that day as you desire.


3. Change up your photos.


Is your feature photo seasonally appropriate? What about the listing photo? Pictures help a customer imagine what a trip with you might look and feel like. Upload photos which are current, and beautiful. Trust us - it makes a big difference to our customers when it comes to making a selection. Your can edit your profile and feature (cover) photos from the Profile tab in your dashboard, and a listing photo from within the listing itself.


4. Connect your website and facebook business page to your listing on Open Angler.


Instructions can be found under the Profile tab from your dashboard. Look for “Connect website to profile” and “Connect Facebook to profile” on the left-hand side of the page, or contact Customer Support for help.


If your calendar is up-to-date with some Instant Book dates, you can be booking trips even when you’re on the water, or fast asleep! Plus, you will receive text notifications when someone requests to book with you. Responding is easy (Y or N), and the less time a customer has to wait for a response, the more likely they are to book with you.


5. Log-in frequently.


If you do nothing else, do this. Our homepage shows the providers with the most recent activity, so simply logging in daily will increase your chances of appearing as one of our featured providers. It’s the least you can do!


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