Self-Bookings vs Trips Referred from

Trip providers may use Open Angler as a business tool to book trips, manage customer information, and keep track of reporting. You may also use Open Angler as a means to market your business and receive booking requests from people interested in taking a trip with you.

It is absolutely free to list yourself in our marketplace, and to use all available tools, which we have customized specifically towards the sportfishing industry. There is a 12% referral fee on any bookings that you accept and are confirmed by the customer, generated from Read more about Self-bookings vs. Trips Referred from below:


Self-Bookings made through Open Angler’s platform are free to you and incur only the standard 2.9% credit card processing fee, which is deducted from your final payout amount at the end of a trip. Self-Bookings include:

  • Making a booking on behalf of a customer when you are logged in under your Open Angler account and book your own listing
  • Anything booked using the Pre-Approved booking form, found in your Account dropdown menu
  • Booking requests that you receive through your own external sources (personal website, Facebook for Business page, marketing materials) which  you have linked through to your listing on

Learn More about linking your external sources to your Open Angler listing


Trips Referred from

Trip requests referred to you from are subject to a 12% referral fee. All bookings incur the standard 2.9% credit card processing fee. 

Please ensure that your listings are priced in a way that considers your business interests.


Cost and Usage for Open Angler Customers

Open Angler customers are subject to a 4% booking fee on anything they book through

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