Referring Out a Trip and Setting up Referral Fees

Can’t accommodate a trip request?  You can refer it out to a friend and even set up a referral fee if desired. If you wish to take advantage of this feature, simply accept the trip request, and after the customer submits payment to confirm the booking, you can refer the trip to another provider.


How to set up your Referral Network

To set up your referral network, you must first add fellow trip providers to your list of ‘Favorites'. From there, they’ll automatically be presented to you once you start the referral process. Select the provider you would like to refer to, modify referral fee if needed, and the we’ll do the rest!  

You can choose to set referral fee as a dollar amount or a percentage of the trip price.  This amount will then be deposited in your account once the trip is complete.

            Example: if a trip costs $200 and you charge a 10% referral fee, you will keep $20 and the referred to guide will receive $180 for that trip.  It’s that simple.  

If you need to change the referral amount for a specific trip or eliminate the charge all together; you may do so when referring out the booking.

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