How to Book a Trip



Find the trip that's right for you by entering your destination on the Open Angler homepage.



Use the filters on the left side of the search results page to narrow your search. Filter by trip type, price, boat type, and amenities like cabin and bathroom availability, boat equipment, meals provided, and more. You can also choose to view guides with “Instant Book Only” availability if you’re in a crunch for time!


Find the Right Trip For You

Use all the tools at your disposal to find your perfect guide and listing. Reviews, photos, maps and more help you evaluate listings. Guide profiles help you get a feel which trips are right for you.




Message guides by clicking the blue 'Contact' button below their profile photo. Ask any questions you might have, and confirm availability. We recommend messaging multiple guides. Your personal contact information is kept private until after your reservation has been made to protect your privacy.



It's a good idea to fill out your profile before you start contacting guides as many guides prefer to learn about potential guests. The fastest way to fill out your profile is to connect your Facebook account. You can also edit your profile by clicking the down arrow next to your name all the way at the top of the screen, selecting 'Profile', and clicking on 'Edit Profile'.



Open Angler keeps direct contact information private until after a reservation is accepted to protect everyone's security and privacy. But we make it easy for guides and guests to contact each other with built in messaging. Click the blue 'Contact' button below the guide profile photo to send a message.




Select checkout to send a guide a formal reservation request, the guide will then have 24 hours to respond. (If the guide does not respond in that time, the booking expires.) When a guide accepts your reservation, you will be notified by email and provided with a receipt, an itinerary and the direct contact details of your trip.

After your guide accepts your reservation, you'll be charged in full or for the deposit on your trip (when available).  Open Angler will hold payment until 24 hours after your trip date, giving you and your guide the opportunity to make on-the-spot changes to your trip in the event of inclement weather or other day-of needs.

Some guides display dates where they can accept Instant Bookings. On these dates, your reservation is confirmed upon submitting your payment.

Learn More: Instant Booking



When you proceed to the checkout, you'll be asked for your payment information. After filling out your payment details a reservation request will be sent to your guide, and a hold for the amount due will be placed on your card. Once a guide accepts your reservation you will be charged for the reservation, including any fees. Open Angler will keep your payment until 24 hours after your trip, so you and your guide have the opportunity to make on-the-spot changes to your trip in the event of inclement weather or other day-of needs.



Your reservation is not final until your guide accepts your reservation. Guides have 24 hours to accept a reservation request or it will expire. After your guide accepts your request you will receive a confirmation email, a receipt, an itinerary, a list of what to bring, and the direct contact information for your trip, including the exact address where to meet. You can always access all of this information by going to 'Trips' within your profile page.




Your trip is so close you can almost hear your line catch! But well before you hit the ground, contact your guide to confirm arrival time, location, items to bring, etc. You can always find all the details of your trip, including guide contact information, through your profile page under 'Trips'



After your reservation is accepted, we'll provide you with the direct contact information for your guide.  Before you leave for your trip, it's important to contact your guide and confirm your arrival time.  Contact details can be accessed under 'Trips' in your profile page.



Get access to all your trip details by using our mobile website at

Changing or Cancelling your Trip

You can alter or cancel trips within your 'Trips' tab. You and your guide can make adjustments to your reservation, like date changes and additional guests, if you both agree to them. You may cancel your reservation at anytime and Open Angler will uphold the cancellation policy for your reservation.

Learn More: Changes and Cancellation