Handling Trip Requests

Handling Trip Requests

Each date on your calendar is automatically set as “request to book,” meaning  when a customer sends you a booking request, they are really checking to see if you’re available on that date.

You’ll receive an email asking you to either Accept, Decline or Refer the booking request.  You will also see the request as a dotted line box on your calendar. You have 48 hours to respond before the booking request expires.


When you accept a request, the customer is notified via email and asked to confirm the booking by entering their credit card information through Open Angler’s secure payment processor. A booking remains pending until the customer has entered payment. The customer has up to 48 hours prior to the departure date to submit payment before the request automatically expires.

When a customer submits payment, their trip request is confirmed, and each of you will receive the other’s contact information: an email address and phone number. You may then contact your customer using either Open Angler’s messaging system or their direct contact information.

We encourage you to use Open Angler’s messaging system as this creates a log of your conversation which we can refer to if a dispute arises. Open Angler cannot be held responsible for any communication which occurs off our platform.


You may also accept a booking in order to refer it to another guide later. Learn more about referrals


When you decline a request, the customer is notified via email and no further action is required of either party.

You may cancel a pending request at any time without penalty. The customer will be notified that their request has been cancelled via email. Please note that cancelling a confirmed booking may result in administrative action against your account. Learn more about cancellations

A customer may cancel an unconfirmed booking request for various reasons, such as not being ready to book quite yet, or they sent out multiple requests and chose another listing.


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