Linking to Your Listing Externally (Website, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Booking Widget)

Open Angler provides many tools which allows trip providers to both manage and grow their business. We have provided you with instructions on how to link your external sources (website, Facebook for Business, Trip Advisor, etc) directly to your listing on Open Angler to make it easy for customers to book with you online.

Website and Facebook

From your Dashboard, locate the Profile tab. There you will see a few options on the left-hand side menu including “Connect Website to Profile,” and “Connect Facebook to Profile,” with instructions on how to link both of these external sources directly to your listing.

As you know, Facebook is a great way to share and expose your business to the world and let possible customers learn more about you!  Add your Facebook profile to your Open Angler profile to share your adventures with an even broader customer base!  

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is another great way to show prospective customers what they can expect when they book with you. We all know how important peer reviews can be! When you add your Trip Advisor URL to your profile, your rating will appear at the top of your profile page along with your cover photo.

To add Facebook and Trip Advisor to your profile from your Dashboard, click on the Profile tab from the horizontal menu, and copy and paste the URLs directly into the Profile form. 

Booking Widget

Do you ever see businesses who have the ability to accept online booking requests directly from their website? Well, they're using a what's called a "widget." When you sign up with Open Angler, you receive a booking widget that you can place anywhere on your website, and enable online booking for your customers. Your customer never leaves your website, so you do not pay a referral fee to Open Angler when a booking is confirmed. The customer still pays a 4% convenience fee, and you pay the standard 2.9% processing fee, but the widget is completely free to use when you create a listing on our site.

To find your booking widget, from your Dashboard, select the Profile tab from the horizontal menu. Find the link that says "Booking Widget" on the left-hand side of the screen. There you will find instructions and an embeddable code that you can place anywhere on your own website. 


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